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Welcome on the firmware page of the Samsung Omnia Lite.
You will find here 4 types of firmwares.
Please take care with flashing your phone. Follow our guide for 100%
If you want help with flashing your phone go to

Blue Firmwares are Europe firmwares!
Green Firmwares are Asia firmwares!
Brown Firmwares are Africa firmwares!
Specials Firmwares are Provider firmwares!

- First check your firmware *#1234#
- Before you flash check always your simlock!
- If you come from America don't flash! (Ask for a firmware in the forums)

B7300B7300XXIK22009 NovemberDOWNLOAD
B7300XXIL5 2009 December DOWNLOAD
B7300XXJA9 2010 January DOWNLOAD
B7300XXJB3 2010 February DOWNLOAD
B7300XXJC2 2010 March DOWNLOAD

Check your status of your firmware here!

Check here the list of secret codes!

Help with flashing!

flash tools.

Flash Program: Downloader B7300

flash tutorials.

Flash guide in English: DOWNLOAD PDF

Help your country!
If you want to make a flash guide for your phone please send a email.

Everything you use here, is on your own risk!


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