Samsung I897 Captivate


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Welcome on the firmware page of the Samsung I897 Captivate .
You will find here 4 types of firmwares.
Please take care with flashing your phone. Follow our guide for 100%
If you want help with flashing your phone go to

Firmwares are Europe firmwares!
Green Firmwares are Asia firmwares!
Brown Firmwares are Africa firmwares!
Specials Firmwares are Provider firmwares!

- First check your firmware *#1234#
- Before you flash check always your simlock!
- If you come from America don't flash! (Ask for a firmware in the forums)

Firmware Android Date Download
I897 I897UCJE5 PASS: Version 2.1 2010 May DOWNLOAD

I897UCJF1 PASS: samsung-firmwares.comVersion 2.1 2010 June DOWNLOAD

I897UCJF6 PASS: samsung-firmwares.comVersion 2.1 2010 June DOWNLOAD

Check your status of your firmware here!

Check here the list of secret codes!

Help with flashing!


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